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Please vote :D Date: Mar 28th @ 7:50am EDT
Hey guys, I am nominated at the aw-awards, If you can please go to my twitter, clcik the link from my first picture and vote for me for Live Camboy of the year, I would much appreciate it. I have until april 15 to gather as many votes as possible. Thank you so much XO
back to work Date: Aug 16th @ 3:56am EDT
Back to work guys, after a well deserved vacation. I can say I am happy to be back to work, but at the same time I miss the beach, the sun and some water sports. Check out my room and take a look at my nice tan and tan lines (wink)
Back home and online Date: Jul 24th @ 2:17am EDT
I had a nice time outside the city, the weather was not that hot, did some things around the house, relaxed, washed my car, loved it. This will be my last week online. I will go on a 2 weeks vacation. I am leaving Saturday night. So If you like, you can drop by my chat room and have a show before my vacation. XOXO
Weekend getaway Date: Jul 21st @ 8:49am EDT
Going to the countryside for the weekend. See you all Sunday night. Be sure to check my twitter for more pictures of me. Take care ! ;)
Scammers, fake accounts Date: Jul 21st @ 1:44am EDT
I just found out there's an entire organization in Ghana that uses my pictures to scam people. I just talked to a guy on Twitter and the man told me what the scammer told him, and I quote: "Everybody is doing it:. They claim to be americans but when it comes to sending money, they give instructuions Ghana or other countries. So think twice who you are sending money too, even if the pictures and videos you receive are real. I would advise you not to send money to anyone. It's not your job to come to the rescue. Let their asses work for it. Cheers
yupeee Date: Jul 1st @ 2:15am EDT
I just created my Fanclub. I hope people will join for some nice discounts and a glimpse of my life
About me Date: Sep 13th @ 5:45pm EDT
Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I am glad I am back on the site, sorry I could not enter for so long, but I had some other things on my mind. I saw that many of you still remember me...that was a surprise and thank you so much. I must have made a good impression. I hope I'll get to see you in my room and if you want, in my private room also. Always a pleasure showing off and doing some nasty stuff for people. I think I look different from 10 month ago, a lot more mass and definition. Working hard at the gym paid off. Got some new bodybuilding shirts and shorts, if some of you are fans :)). I put some new pictures on my bio page so you can tell me if I am right or not. By the way, I changed location too. Hope you will like the new place, much more color and space. Looking forward to talk to you and catch up.Ok, enought talking, hope I see you soon.I will try to enter every day at different hours so youcan see me in action ;).Take care everyone. Bye bye and kisses.